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on 2018-08-25 by frosty

HELLSINKER: no longer a defunct corporation

So it's.... been a while. There've been a few abortive attempts over the years to bring this corp back. All of which have failed due to those of us involved not really making the best decisions and not really being as committed as we should have been to try to make it work. Most of the former members are afk or completely uninterested in playing eve any longer. I've kept this blog up as a way to keep the memory alive of who we were and what we did during our time in wormholes. In that respect, it's been moderately successful.

But now I find myself playing eve again with a character in this corp and it felt wrong to just ignore this blog. While my intentions are less oriented at swashbuckling wormhole adventures and more directed at blopsing out of the null static I have now, I've begun having those classic HSKR stories happening again. You'll be able to find those here as well as posts about the blopsing content I hope to achieve in the coming months.

The resurrection

I guess I can at least titillate you all with the mildly amusing story of how I ended up with an HSKR Astrahus in a C3/Ns.

I've been in and out of wormhole space over the last few years and kept quite a few friendships up despite my somewhat rocky relationship with eve itself. Last week, one of these friends informed me that she had a seed in a C3/Ns with a low power Raitaru. A few days earlier, I'd been talking to various people about how I was interested in staging blops out of a wormhole with a null static. Lo and behold, almost immediately an opportunity arose.

I wasn't fully prepared at the time, so I just moved in a couple of extra seeds and started getting myself set up to evict the current (afk) residents. The morning afterward I woke up and logged in to see a small tower on scan with a force field up. "huh, was that there last night when I logged off?" After conferring with my original contact about the hole, we determined that it must have gone down overnight. I did some scouting and the tower was owned by the corporation Pouncing Pwny. A quick perusal of the killboard told me "well it's probably an HK alt corp", but not much more than that. Since it was a Tuesday at the time, I decided that I would wait until Saturday and see what happened.

Well, what happened was that Thursday came around and I logged in to see if anything had changed. The tower was now in reinforce, with 1d10h remaining on the timer. I made a screenshot and posted it in the Praisebob Discord. Scrolling up showed me that someone else had posted a screenshot of the same tower in reinforce, complaining "I wish I'd scanned the rait before I set up the pos, instead of after".

Some private conversation followed, and I obtained the POS password. My unnamed compatriot had started his enterprise with the intent of playing the loot crate gambling game called "shooting low-power structures in lowclass wormholes". I just wanted the Raitaru gone, so I quickly agreed to help.

The POS reinforce came and went without incident. The Raitaru reinforce timer was set for Monday at 1100 EVE (downtime), so plans were made to hit it on Sunday night. I was unfortunately not able to attend the bash to reinforce due to having a job, but it passed without incident. The timer ended up falling on 1130 EVE, 0730 Eastern for me.

I began the anchoring process for my own Astrahus later that night and chose the new name for the system. J105444 shall now be known as Crux.

The time for the bash came the next morning, and it was my compatriot's turn to be unable to be present as he also has a real job, highly unfortunate. He was able to log in and warp a dominix to the astrahus and then headed off to work. The bash itself was uneventful, with the most exciting part being when I disconnected at 20% hull remaining and had to scramble to log back in. An hour after the structure came out of reinforce, I was presented with a completely bare killmail. Along with this were a few cans of drops. Of the "valuable" loot there was about 200m isk, along with a number of T1 hulls which weren't worth the effort of hauling out. These were disposed of.

The following night I wasted a lot of time rolling holes at 1AM to ensure that my Astrahus anchored without getting shot. It went up with no fuss and is now sitting pretty above the rings of a gas giant.


That was more words than I was expecting to write, and not really in the traditional style of this blog. I'll try to edit down more in the future (not that anyone's actually reading this. I'm just writing because I like the sound of my own voice).

Expect more posts in the future though!