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Deadly Irony

on 2018-08-26 by frosty

Not significantly disrupted

I decided not to roll my static before farming a few of the sites in Crux. I'd jumped the hole a few hours prior and it'd ended up somewhere in Malpais. I decided that rolling a 3B mass hole with a single rolling battleship wasn't worth the effort, especially with the dronelands being known for krabs and not much else. Right as I was preparing to warp to the first sig I had a new sig spawn. Sig spawn rate in C3 space is almost annoyingly high, though I guess I shouldn't complain. I decided to scan it down just to be safe and was delighted to find a 4 Amarr exit. I scrapped my plans to krab and chose to go fetch some pvp ships instead with my hauler.

I got back from Amarr shortly without issue with a shiny new stratios and some thoraxes to play with. I'd been super frustrated the night before when I was able to get within 5km of an explorer running one of my pirate relic sites in a helios, but had nothing to actually kill him with. No targets presented themselves when I returned though, so I went back to the original plan of cleaning out the 6 or so anoms in system.

About halfway through the first anom, I noticed a Thorax on dscan for about a minute, though I wasn't able to find it before it dissapeared again. I wasn't super worried about getting ganked by a thorax, and the site was getting close to being finished, so I decided to continue going. Shortly after, a Maller showed up on dscan, this one with the name "Maller Roller". I knew this had to be from the null static so I quickly docked up and switched to my Stratios and warped to the null at 10, cloaked.


A minute or so later the original thorax bumped back through. He got a bad spawn for me and ended up on the far side of the wormhole. I wasn't going to be able to keep him from burning back into range as the hole had only just gotten to reduced so I started approaching the hole and put a scram on him to force him back through. He jumped soon after and I followed.

Waiting on the other side was the Thorax and the Maller from earlier. The Maller was closer so I grabbed him, applied neuts and dro-, wait why do I not have drones? In my haste and bloodlust, I had completely forgotten to actually put drones in the drone bay.

Heartbroken, I disengaged and bumped back through the wormhole to head back. At this point I didn't really expect them to keep trying to roll.

Verge of Collapse

A few minutes later, now with actual damage capability, I warped back to the hole at 10 to wait a bit and see what happened. As I landed I noticed that the hole was now VoC, though I wasn't sure exactly when that'd happened. I decided to be cautiously optimistic about them coming back, and was planning on waiting maybe 30 minutes for them to return. A patient hunter something something.

Less than a minute later I was rewarded with a bump on the hole...

Have you become trapped?

To the surprise of both of us, the Maller's jump had collapsed the hole. Maybe they're bad at math. Maybe they don't understand the mechanics. Probably they just don't care about losing a Maller. The encounter went forward as expected. I went along with my own business quietly enjoying the irony of the situation. Had they not been so worried about the spooky wormhole that they tried rolling, they wouldn't have lost anything at all.