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What the pod?

on 2013-09-01 by raylu

So this happened.

We were hunting in another system when we spotted a "mining Gnosis" in our C1 static. What followed was a completely standard battle for us.

  1. Chomp on the bait
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT?!

But then, things got confusing. We mistook the Damnation pilot ejecting from his ship for a capsule landing on field. We realized that they hadn't been able to bring in their full force because they collapsed their entrance wormhole. Then, we realized that it was their only wormhole.


And so we chat in local.

Kuklinski > give us an exit out?
Kratorin > how much?
Kuklinski > 0
Kratorin > lol
Kuklinski > it the right thing to do
Kratorin > im thinking 150mil per pod
Kuklinski > seein as how you fagged out with the BBs =\

They apparently really do not like ECM.

Zaclya > Srsly?
Kuklinski > yep
Kuklinski > nvm
Zaclya > lame excuse
Dean Mintar > lol
Kuklinski > your either the right sort or your not
Kuklinski > np to SD

And so, with us trying to combat probe down pods, dscan reveals that the pods have turned into corpses without us lifting a finger.

Later, the group we were looking to fight originally shows up in the system while we're trying to figure out if there are any pods left and our static goes reduced.

fencemaster1 > :(
Ayma Mess > just finished off a diff fleet
Ayma Mess > maybe another time
DvlsAngl1 > alright

We start to leave the system.

Jac Meoff > how about now ?

But wait, there's more!

We spot an Orca, Moros, and Armageddon closing a wormhole. As they collapse it, the Armageddon warps off and we point them. Video.

Kratorin > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LKciD1tF48