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The Dominix and the Devoter

on 2014-03-25 by raylu

"Do you want to kill a hole-rolling Dominix?" my corpmate asks? Do I ever. I sign on and ask him if he has eyes on it. "I scanned down the wormhole he was rolling and I'm reshipping now, so no."

That's no problem, of course. We ship up and warp a cloaky each to the hole. Instead of a Dominix, we see a Gallente Battleship Wreck. The plot thickens.

The Gank

on 2014-02-20 by raylu

2 days ago

We ran a really amateur gate camp in Old Man Star. Halfway through we decide we need more remote sensor boosters.

Turns out we're really bad at this thing. We start to pack it up, so we need to deagress and decide to not touch anything that isn't shiny flying through. A venture autopilots to the gate.

HSKR's Completely Objective and Unbiased Guide to Joining a Corp

on 2014-01-14 by raylu

A conversation back from August 2013:

raylu D > Missions, Incs, and casual PvP.
raylu D > ?
Apache Raider Konietzko > Sounds about right.
raylu D > erm...
raylu D > so they're not a WH corp?
raylu D > i'm just reading their corp description, but
raylu D > as a general rule, a corp that does more than one thing does both poorly and a corp that does more than two things does nothing
Apache Raider Konietzko > It's made entirely of people who have known each other in game via other corps. I don't know why they say they do more than just incursions, because that is almost exclusively what they do.
raylu D > that's... even more confusing then
raylu D > so you're joining an incursion corp to live in a C4/C2?
Apache Raider Konietzko > The more you point it out, the more ridiculous it seems, but yes.
raylu D > um.
raylu D > so HSKR is recruiting :D we do stuff :D http://blog.hellsinker.org/

Hotdrop Dysfunction

on 2014-1-1 by raylu

Happy New Year hot drop o'clock!

So I jump through our direct-to-nullsec wormhole into T-K10W in a ratting Talos. Safely next door to RAZOR's carrier staging system, I start shooting belt rats.

An Arazu and a Vagabond, on their way back from hunting, show up on d-scan, and then on grid.

Dark Blood Capital Liberation

on 2013-12-04 by raylu

Let's start with the end:


In preparation for Rubicon's fix for the bug-feature that caused SMAs to not drop loot, we left two anchors in two wormholes. One was a C3 with a faction tower, 4 capitals sitting in the shields, and a 12-man corp that almost never signed on. The other was a C2 with a ton of SMAs and CHAs and no defenses.

They're Made Out of Meat

on 2013-11-16 by raylu

The Hauler?

Our day starts with an Imicus jumping a wormhole into our interdictors. The Imicus jumps back and we follow it into a C4 black hole. On the C4 side, we see the Imicus cloak up and a Iteron Mark V trying to align out. So we bop it and find 100 of the 650 million inside.

2 Talons, 1 Primae

on 2013-11-12 by raylu

So I bought a new Rapier and we opened into a fresh C1 with a highsec static. To commemorate this event, I tried to point an Epithal coming back from highsec. My decloak delay prevented me from doing it in time, so he warped off.

Later, he jumped back out to highsec. And back in. So I decloaked earlier this time and pointed him. Instead of jumping back to highsec, the pilot ejected and warped off.

The Other 50%

on 2013-10-23 by raylu

We spotted a salvaging Algos cleaning up after a solo site-runner in a C3. He lived in a C2 with a C3 static and we came in from one of the other three wormholes. I mean, I guess that's what you should expect from a self-named salvaging Algos with no drones. Anyway, he died and we chatted.


on 2013-10-13 by raylu

On today's episode of chasing-really-cheap-ships-in-expensive-ships (see yesterday's post for episode 1), we have two of us gas harvesting in our home system. A Loki warps in on us and decloaks.

Our Ventures align faster than the Loki can begin targeting us and we're paying enough attention to warp out. Our only exit is to the C1, so we assemble a fleet there. The Loki has a few buddies, including a Proteus, at the wormhole. Seeing our larger fleet, they ditch him.

Good Fights

on 2013-10-12 by raylu

We spent way too long chasing down a pesky Reaper. The story is too boring to reproduce here, but the point is we caught him and killed him.

Wormholes Are Dangerous

on 2013-09-22 by raylu

Sometimes, you get away:


Somtimes, you don't.

Video from their perspective.

Draft 1

on 2013-09-06 by raylu

It was a dark and stormy night. I went down the stairs to the C1 to get a drink. I saw you already there, sitting in your Nemesis, smiling in your POS. I look but don't touch.

Unable to sleep, I head downstairs again. This time, your friend is there. He's quietly running a site in his Drake, pretending to be quiet but trying to wake you. I recognize your friend immediately - we've met before.


on 2013-09-03 by raylu

We just got done killing someone's 800 million ISK pod while he drifted away from his POS. We then bring a heavy interdictor in and sit him on the wormhole. A pod lands on the wormhole, sees the HIC, then jumps out.

What the pod?

on 2013-09-01 by raylu

So this happened.

We were hunting in another system when we spotted a "mining Gnosis" in our C1 static. What followed was a completely standard battle for us.

  1. Chomp on the bait
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT?!


on 2013-08-26 by raylu

HSKR directors went to Akihabara, Tokyo to fetch HELLSINKER. Behold:


Laika the Spacedog still #1 Cosmonaut

on 2013-08-14 by raylu


We here at HELLSINKER are neither pirates nor griefers; we are wormhole dwellers. The only real distinction is that we don't actively pursue tears or blow up haulers in highsec to steal PLEX or whatever other mean things the yarrsmen and yarrswomen of the universe get up to.

The Hunt

on 2013-08-11 by raylu

But what would my father say if he heard me telling a story this way? 'Begin at the beginning.' Very well, if we are to have a telling, let’s make it a proper one. In the beginning, as far as I know, the world was spun out of the nameless void by Aleph, who gave everything a name. Or, depending on the version of the tale, found the names all things already possessed.

The Orca, the Chimera, and the POS

on 2013-08-05 by raylu


Yesterday, some of us logged in to run anomalies, but we couldn't field enough people. Denied the opportunity to shoot NPCs, we went looking elsewhere for things to shoot.

I jumped into lowsec, into a C3, and into a C4: J140810. There, I find a territorial control unit, a mobile warp disruptor, and a POS. Inside the POS is an unmanned Chimera and a manned Machariel. Deciding this could be delicious, we ship up into mostly stealth bombers and fly to the lowsec.

Hero Tackle

on 2013-07-28 by raylu

A Drake flew into a C1 from the lowsec it was connected to. We dove in after it, but failed to catch it. It didn't seem to have any other way out, so I left my Helios orbiting the hole on the lowsec side, uncloaked. Louis watched him jump out and excitedly called it out over comms.

Slippery Gnosis

on 2013-07-24 by raylu

A wandering wormhole opened into our system from highsec. We scanned down the highsec system and found another wandering wormhole into a C2 (R943). The C2 had another highsec static inside.

By the time I log on, we've moved enough stuff through the highsec to make it critical. I leave in a covops frigate and check out the C2. What do I find but a Gnosis and some wrecks on scan?


on 2013-07-22 by raylu

One of our alliancemates got killed by someone a few months ago. He watchlisted his foe and forgot about it.

Today, he saw that pilot manning a gate camp in Gonditsa. We got into 3 guardians and some armor battlecruisers/T3's and formed a train.


POS sales

on 2013-07-12 by raylu

POS sales

So we killed someone and he offered to sell us the location of his corp's POS. He was moving to a much larger pirate corp which, he quickly assured us, could kill us if we dared to messed with him again.

minddestroyer > so jake here is offering up his POS
raylu D > i love POSes
Jake Lemon Lemon > You can't run in there with the cruisers you killed me with
Jake Lemon Lemon > just fyi
raylu D > ok. where is it?