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2 Talons, 1 Primae

on 2013-11-12 by raylu

So I bought a new Rapier and we opened into a fresh C1 with a highsec static. To commemorate this event, I tried to point an Epithal coming back from highsec. My decloak delay prevented me from doing it in time, so he warped off.

Later, he jumped back out to highsec. And back in. So I decloaked earlier this time and pointed him. Instead of jumping back to highsec, the pilot ejected and warped off.

Then, a corpmate logged in and saw a Primae on scan at planet VIII doing PI. I told him he couldn't catch it in time, but catch it he did. And then he pointed the pod too.

Thoroughly confused by the pod, we continue sitting in the hole. A Myrmidon, still from the same corp, jumps from highsec and we hesitate. It gets away.

A Heron pops its head out of the POS and we try to bomb it, but fail.

A Bestower warps to planet V to do PI and we botch that gank horribly.

And then the CEO opens a conversation with me. After pleasantries are exchanged, we begin.

raylu D > so, what's this convo about?
raylu D > would you like to pay us some money, by any chance?
Nikul Naath > it depends
raylu D > what on?
Nikul Naath > if you will share your intentions
raylu D > we're just your average w-space dwellers, looking for some combination of fun and profit: http://blog.hellsinker.org/
raylu D > this is fun, but we'll stop the fun for profit
Nikul Naath > Interesting
Nikul Naath > we are also in the game of profit
Nikul Naath > so what is your ransom?

I confer with my alliancemates and hear numbers all over the place.

raylu D > 200 million ISK
Nikul Naath > for what?
raylu D > for us to leave
Nikul Naath > all you have done is kill a few indys
raylu D > Kill: Mag'ladroth (Capsule)
Nikul Naath > yeah mag'ladroth fucked up
Nikul Naath > hes new
raylu D > well, it seems most of your corp is rather new. but yes.
Nikul Naath > well yeah we are a C1, but dont get me wrong we have connections

At this point I stop typing to have a good laugh.

raylu D > heh. i suppose you're not interested in the newbro ransom discount, then
raylu D > the funny thing is, you have connections but you haven't even scanned them down :P
Nikul Naath > scan down connections?
raylu D > wormhole connections
Nikul Naath > im talking people
raylu D > yes, i know. it was a joke :(

Nobody understands me.

raylu D > so, no deal?
Nikul Naath > where are you guys coming from?
Nikul Naath > I need to have reason to pay a ransom
raylu D > i'd say that's private information, but all you have to do is scan your system to answer that
Nikul Naath > I have the system mapped
raylu D > alternatively, you could just look us up
Nikul Naath > im assuming the C5
raylu D > why not the C3?
Nikul Naath > because I always assume the worst first
raylu D > haha

That works, I guess. The conversation goes quiet and I eventually ask if he's figured it out yet.

Nikul Naath > the 5
raylu D > how do you figure?
Nikul Naath > I dont figure. I assume
raylu D > ok...
raylu D > so, 200 mil?
Nikul Naath > no

Negotations do not go well and the conversation drops into another lull. On the other hand, I anchor a T1 mobile medium warp disruptor and T2 small.

raylu D > what's with the combat probes?
Nikul Naath > mapping the system
Nikul Naath > what else
raylu D > ...why not use core probes???
Nikul Naath > becuse you have moblies
Nikul Naath > mobiles*
raylu D > huh?? that doesn't change anything
Nikul Naath > Well we caught a few ships in the meantime
Nikul Naath > dont worry about it '
raylu D > yes... but our ships our cloaky
Nikul Naath > some of them yes
Nikul Naath > but we have already counted those
Nikul Naath > and the ones outside in high sec

Welp. In the meantime, a Manticore flown by ZooChase II shows up from the C3. Looking up his corp, we learn he lives in a C5 with a C3 static. We also see that he's flown a Manticore before. Invigorated by the shiny Manticore, we get a Brutix to sit at the planet VIII POCO.

The Manticore decloaks 40km off the Brutix, then cloaks back up. (A Republic Fleet Warp disruptor points out to 30km unbonused, so 36km with overloading.) A few minutes later, he decloaks again, this time 30km off. Instead of pointing the Brutix, he cloaks up again.

A Brutix from the same corporation as the Manticore comes through the C3 and lands on our Brutix. The Manticore decloaks. We decloak.

The Manticore and Brutix rip through our Brutix's shield, then armor. Our Falcon manages to land jams on both and our Brutix repairs himself back up. The Manticore is too far to point and nopes right out of there. We get the Brutix.

In local:

ZooChase II > nice tarp, lol

I unanchor the bubbles but, trying to scoop them up, I run into a technical difficulty. The loot and all my bubbles take up too much space. Since we've previously established that I'm an honorable person, I did the only honorable thing to do.


Back to the other conversation, I teach Nikul Naath how to figure out where we live. I also point him to my gift.

Nikul Naath > ok you rock
Nikul Naath > anything I can do for you?
raylu D > get your guys into covops :)

Skipping ahead a bit.

Nikul Naath > I wasnt lying when i said we have connections though. The guy that owns the minmatar tower here is a beast. Just wasnt online. Still you guys are on another level


Nikul Naath > anyway I removed you from terrible standing... and thank you for the small bit of adrenaline tonight.

And then this happens.

2013.11.13 04:08:21 Player Donation 5,000,000 ISK [r] Nikul Naath deposited cash into raylu D's account

raylu D > ...what's that for?
Nikul Naath > Cool dude award