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Draft 1

on 2013-09-06 by raylu

It was a dark and stormy night. I went down the stairs to the C1 to get a drink. I saw you already there, sitting in your Nemesis, smiling in your POS. I look but don't touch.

Unable to sleep, I head downstairs again. This time, your friend is there. He's quietly running a site in his Drake, pretending to be quiet but trying to wake you. I recognize your friend immediately - we've met before.

You're sound asleep. Thoughts of infidelity swim in my mind. I'm having trouble thinking clearly. My mind says no, but my body says yes. It's too hot to sleep anyway.

I pounce like a savage beast, unable to control my urges. I scream as I overheat with rage and desire, nearly burning out my... modules. We flail about, two tiny bodies locked within the infinite stretches of the stars. As the Thermodynamic Arrow of Time drags us relentlessly towards the heat-death of the universe, we both come to climax. The pain is intense, but oh so good.

TL;DR: chomped on someone else's bait because they were AFK or something. Paid with a Hound and a Nemesis.

raylu D > were you guys trying to bait the nemesis in the POS?
Leany Umangiar > YEP
raylu D > ah.
Leany Umangiar > soz caps