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Hotdrop Dysfunction

on 2014-1-1 by raylu

Happy New Year hot drop o'clock!

So I jump through our direct-to-nullsec wormhole into T-K10W in a ratting Talos. Safely next door to RAZOR's carrier staging system, I start shooting belt rats.

An Arazu and a Vagabond, on their way back from hunting, show up on d-scan, and then on grid.

Martek Renalard > hello
Martek Renalard > minning op carry on

A Megathron Navy Issue also warps in. I die.

I get my pod out and back into our wormhole. Luckily for us the Arazu has probes and finds our wormhole. He jumps in, and then back out. This causes him to be polarized and causes all of us to follow him.

When we jump out into T-K10W, the Vagabond is also there but the Mega Navy isn't. They die. The Mega Navy then lands on the hole at 0 and lights a Cyno. As 3 Archons, a Thanatos, and a Chimera jump in, we jump out.

Our brave Blackbird pilot stays in system and warps around while d-scanning. He picks up a Caracal, then jumps back home.

raylu D > how'd the mining op go?
Richter Etrenank > haha that was fun
Richter Etrenank > our arazau had no fuel in it when he went to hotdrop, so it was a bunch of fail on our part. Well played


raylu D > why didn't the mega warp to the WH at 50 or 70?
Richter Etrenank > because everyone was in a tizzy
Richter Etrenank > when the cyno failed it messed up all our plans


raylu D > how'd the caracal get in?
Richter Etrenank > jumped in from V-L
Richter Etrenank > and warped to us
raylu D > ahh
Richter Etrenank > our capital stage was next door
raylu D > well, at least you recovered the shinies off the arazu
raylu D > which we failed to loot
Richter Etrenank > yeah
Richter Etrenank > wookie says thanks for that btw lol
Richter Etrenank > he thought it was a sense of honor from ya'll or something

I didn't even want honor! I just wanted shinies.