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The Gank

on 2014-02-20 by raylu

2 days ago

We ran a really amateur gate camp in Old Man Star. Halfway through we decide we need more remote sensor boosters.

Turns out we're really bad at this thing. We start to pack it up, so we need to deagress and decide to not touch anything that isn't shiny flying through. A venture autopilots to the gate.

1 day ago

A Helios jumps into our C5, scans down a null and jumps through it. We prepare a Sabre and wait for him to jump back. He does so we pop him. Yes, that's 73 probes - enough to buy another Sister's launcher.

He comes back a few minutes later in an Ishtar and slowboats away from the hole. I warp a Zealot in and try to shut off his microwarpdrive with my Helios, but he neuts it out. He pulls my Zealot farther and farther from his hole. His friends show up and kill me.

They speak up in local. Normally, you'd expect the tears/rage earlier and the smack now, but these guys are non-conformists.

Cronetamer > so guys are rdy to gank, just gank? epic pvp
Cronetamer > cowards
Cronetamer > mother fucukers
Rufus Mc'owen > http://gifs.com/11s
Cronetamer > ouch
Cronetamer > i would like to say
Cronetamer > back in jita dude
Cronetamer > Kill: raylu D (Zealot) this is a fucking fitt
Cronetamer > go apply in is is coming to eve

They're French, by the way. What I didn't realize was that being French made you immune to irony.


We open up into a C1 which connects 1 from Jita. There's a new Heron in the system every 3 minutes. Sometimes it's even the same Heron. Some dumb stuff comes through.

After ganking some other stuff connected to that highsec, we collapse the C1. In the new C1, we see a Tengu and wrecks. He leaves through a different C5 and comes back in a Venture. We realize he was clearing the gas site sleepers.

A plan is formed.
I get in my bait Venture.

The plan is adjusted. I get in my gas harvesting Venture with no warp scrambler/disruptor.

We combat probe him down, causing him to speak up in local.

Pasha Sedov > отсос
Pasha Sedov > хер возьмёш =))ъ\

Google Translate says this means "suction, take dick". I leave it as an exercise to the reader to unravel the true meaning of this banter. He warps back home.

We proceed anyway with the plan. I warp my little Venture to his gas site and begin gas harvesting. A few minutes later, he brings his Venture back. I deploy my two light drones and engage him, still with no warp scrambler/disruptor. He warps off.

He goes back to his POS in his home C5 and reships to the Tengu. He warps his Venture-killing beast to the C1 wormhole but is polarized. Realizing this, he goes off to a safe. He comes back, jumps through, and the rest is history.