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HSKR's Completely Objective and Unbiased Guide to Joining a Corp

on 2014-01-14 by raylu

A conversation back from August 2013:

raylu D > Missions, Incs, and casual PvP.
raylu D > ?
Apache Raider Konietzko > Sounds about right.
raylu D > erm...
raylu D > so they're not a WH corp?
raylu D > i'm just reading their corp description, but
raylu D > as a general rule, a corp that does more than one thing does both poorly and a corp that does more than two things does nothing
Apache Raider Konietzko > It's made entirely of people who have known each other in game via other corps. I don't know why they say they do more than just incursions, because that is almost exclusively what they do.
raylu D > that's... even more confusing then
raylu D > so you're joining an incursion corp to live in a C4/C2?
Apache Raider Konietzko > The more you point it out, the more ridiculous it seems, but yes.
raylu D > um.
raylu D > so HSKR is recruiting :D we do stuff :D http://blog.hellsinker.org/

We're not at all creepy, I promise.