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on 2013-09-03 by raylu

We just got done killing someone's 800 million ISK pod while he drifted away from his POS. We then bring a heavy interdictor in and sit him on the wormhole. A pod lands on the wormhole, sees the HIC, then jumps out.

And back in.

Atarius Tok > wao
Atarius Tok > polarized?
Caitlyn Darmazaf > and laged
Caitlyn Darmazaf > any way to not die here?
Atarius Tok > ISK?
Caitlyn Darmazaf > yeah
Atarius Tok > 800M was last pod
Atarius Tok > 20 seconds to go
Caitlyn Darmazaf > can i trust you


Atarius Tok > yup
Ayma Mess > we're good for it
Atarius Tok > pay to me
Caitlyn Darmazaf > ok isk incomeing
Caitlyn Darmazaf > there
Atarius Tok > done
Ayma Mess > gtfo
Caitlyn Darmazaf > have a good day
Ayma Mess > its a pleasure
Atarius Tok > l8r
Caitlyn Darmazaf > if you see moose kill for me

Stay right there - after the commercial break, we find out what "moose" is.

Also, if anyone has any clue what this "moose" thing is, please tell us.