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They're Made Out of Meat

on 2013-11-16 by raylu

The Hauler?

Our day starts with an Imicus jumping a wormhole into our interdictors. The Imicus jumps back and we follow it into a C4 black hole. On the C4 side, we see the Imicus cloak up and a Iteron Mark V trying to align out. So we bop it and find 100 of the 650 million inside.

As one of us points out, "that thing was not going to make it to Jita anyway".

The Miner??

We open up into a new C1 and d-scan shows a mining barge and two corpses in a ore site.

Odin 0demark's Frozen Corpse    Corpse  46 km  
Loky Dodsmark's Frozen Corpse   Corpse  48 km

For reference, corpses disappear after 2 hours. We try to get the barge but we decloak on a Veldspar asteroid and it gets away. Do you see this CCP? Nerf Veldspar.

Then, Freya Dodsmark jumps a Tayra from highsec into the C1. And warps it into the ore site. Where 2 of his alts had died and we had just revealed ourselves.

We point him.

Freya Dodsmark > Im in peace
Freya Dodsmark > not gonna attack


Freya Dodsmark > I was minning here
Atarius Tok > You're in an indy
Atarius Tok > Ransom?
Freya Dodsmark > and a russian destroy the barge
Freya Dodsmark > nono
Freya Dodsmark > I leave here and those are my corpses

Suddenly, flashback to a salvaging algos. Anyway, we pop it and pod it.

Atarius Tok > Here is one more
Freya Dodsmark > why did you do that?
Atarius Tok > We BBQ frozen corpses
Atarius Tok > Company party
Freya Dodsmark > ok then

The Interdictor???

Meanwhile, in highsec, an Impairor goes suspect and gets blown up by one of us. This gives him a limited engagement with the killer. With his newfound powers, he proceeds to aggress our Deimos on the undock in his Devoter. He's still suspect and can no longer dock, so the inevitable happens.

T2 beam lasers on a heavy interdictor (for reference, Scorch M hits out to the edge of your bubble). Faction hardeners to make it fit and faction heat sinks... to do lots of... damage. A neutral Noctis scooped the 120 million of heat sinks before we got to it.