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Slippery Gnosis

on 2013-07-24 by raylu

A wandering wormhole opened into our system from highsec. We scanned down the highsec system and found another wandering wormhole into a C2 (R943). The C2 had another highsec static inside.

By the time I log on, we've moved enough stuff through the highsec to make it critical. I leave in a covops frigate and check out the C2. What do I find but a Gnosis and some wrecks on scan?

I start looking for him on dscan but I have trouble as he is moving around. He disappears from the system a few times too. Given that there are two highsec wormholes in the C2, we figure he must be moving stuff around.

Hesitant to put anything too big through our highsec exit, we bring a Sabre and a Manticore. We cross our fingers and jump. The wormhole stays up. Once in the C2, we start looking for him, but the system is empty. I position my sabre between the two highsec wormholes.

We wait.

A few minutes pass, and the Gnosis shows up again. He must have come in through one of the other wormholes. We look for him, but determine that he's at a safe. Having established he didn't come through the hole we were sitting on and with no combat probes, I move to the other highsec wormhole.

Mid-warp, I hit dscan and the Gnosis is gone, replaced by "Yur Kardashev's Capsule". As I land, a pod also lands on the hole and jumps out. He convos me.

Yur Kardashev > too late
Yur Kardashev > sleepers already blow me up

It turns out he was running a data site that was no longer in the signature list. This isn't the first time we set up a kill only to lose it to sleepers, but at least we didn't have to jump far for it.

Sleepers are so OP. At least we both made it back home without collapsing the wormhole.