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on 2013-10-13 by raylu

On today's episode of chasing-really-cheap-ships-in-expensive-ships (see yesterday's post for episode 1), we have two of us gas harvesting in our home system. A Loki warps in on us and decloaks.

Our Ventures align faster than the Loki can begin targeting us and we're paying enough attention to warp out. Our only exit is to the C1, so we assemble a fleet there. The Loki has a few buddies, including a Proteus, at the wormhole. Seeing our larger fleet, they ditch him.

[01:43:11] Bradford Clear > cute little proteus
[01:43:17] Bradford Clear > sad thing is if we brought a fleet
[01:43:22] Bradford Clear > you all would run away :D
[01:43:39] Atarius Tok > Just like you did do.
[01:43:49] Bradford Clear > meh you aren't that great
[01:43:58] Atarius Tok > Neither are you.
[01:44:02] Atarius Tok > FTW!
[01:44:07] Bradford Clear > I suppose if i had 8 people I woulda rofl stomped you

[04:19:36] minddestroyer > did we make somebody bitter?
[04:19:42] Louis Ferreira > yes
[04:19:54] minddestroyer > excellent